Celebrating the historic
Apollo 11 mission

Hazardous Journey:
Landing the Eagle

Hazardous Journey: Landing the Eagle portrays the dramatic and historic Apollo 11 moon landing in real-time, using original sources. The film pieces together 50-year-old audio, film, and still images to reveal every tense moment like you’ve never heard it before.

Hazardous Journey features a rare on-board audio recording of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as they approach the surface of the moon. In the recording, you hear Armstrong say, “Pretty rocky area” and “This is much harder to do than it looks”. Telemetry data indicates Armstrong’s heart rate reaching 156 beats per minute as Aldrin calls out altitude and fuel remaining.

Films clips shot in NASA Mission Control depict the tension on flight controllers faces as they struggle with communication drop outs, program alarms, overshooting the landing site, and critically low fuel. The film synchronizes silent film with audio from various network “loops” to bring the event to life.

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